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#WDC405 has been selected by the World Design Capital pitch event. More details here or here.

Next Event: Closed

We have worked on 6 events. The World Design Capital has now moved for 2016.

WDC 405 - General Introduction

We have been placed on the official WDC2014 (World Design Capital #WDC405) program a number of mini-events for local companies to showcase their solutions. 

Each of these mini-events is 2 hours long, but can be extended. The form of each mini-event is open.

We are requesting you and your team to apply your creative minds and design thinking to use the opportunity, by engaging a topic from the list below with your collaborators and perhaps competitors to "make the pie bigger" .

The 6 mini-events correspond to the WDC "clusters", and are


(1) Community - Tuesday - 11th March 2014 - ( Health, Housing Urban Development)

Hosted by Samantha Kenmuir

Advert for previous event -> 

(2) Connectedness -Tuesday - 8th April 2014 - ( Communication, Transport)

Hosted by David Hislop

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Notes of this event ->


(3) Lifestyle - Tuesday - 20th May 2014 - (Fashion, Furniture, Arts & Culture, Sports, Recreation)

Hosted by Aslam Khan.  More info:




(4) Education - Tuesday -  15th July 2014 - (Schools, Skills Development, Design Education, Exhibitions)

Hosted by Alen Ribic.

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-> Alen's Notes

-> Introduction -

-> Event Notes - Coming soon

(5) Business - Thurs 13th November 2014 - (Social Entrep, Economy, Innovation, Finance, Systems, Service Design)

Thursday 13 November, Tygervalley. Subject Design of Open Data systems.

Details here.

-> David's notes

(6) Sustainability - Thursday 18th December -  (City, Ecology, Food, Energy, Water, Nature)

Discussing risk and thick tails with regard to GMO's.

-> The presentation is here.

Venue: Korwe offices.

Date and time: 18/12 at 12h00.

This will be the final event of #WDC405

We will be working on a book on Software Design to be published in 2015. The book will be loosely based on the above 6 workshops.