Becoming Senior Member of IEEE

The Senior members are a very prestigious category. Senior members of IEEE (SMIEEE) compose only about 10% of the membership globally. 


In brief, the process requires

  1. preparing application including proofs of 
    1. professional experience in at least one of the IEEE fields exceeding 10 years (incl. some years from education) 

    2. significant performance (above average) over any 5 selected years from professional work experience

  2. identifying 2-3 References (who must be SMIEEE themselves) willing to review (better if support) the application (South Africa Section can assist) and informing them
  3. submitting the application using the online form or by email (the latter using this form)

Once the submission is done, the next stage of the process includes 

  1. Review by the References
  2. Review by the international IEEE A&A panel


The detailed information and preparations guidelines and dates of the international review panels are available here: 


The tips on preparing CV and writing "significant performance" are given here.

The information presentation given in South Africa during SMIEEE elevation workshops held in May 2018 is here.



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