IEEE Pins - proud sign of membership

You are a member of one of the world’s most prestigious engineering societies. You have the right to display the IEEE emblem on your person and in your home or office. Show it!  Show it by ordering those items that simultaneously signify your attainments and set you apart from the average engineer or researcher. 

IEEE Membership pins
Lapel pins are now available with the IEEE emblem. The pins are 7/16 inch in diagonal dimension with beveled edges for all member grades except Fellow. Fellow pins are slightly larger. Colors are shown in the table below

Member Grade




White gold on yellow gold

 for Fellow

for Life Fellow

Senior Member

Gold on dark blue

 for Senior member

 for Life Senior member


Gold on light blue

 for Member

 for Life Member


Gold on red


Gold on green



Awarding of IEEE Officer Pins
IEEE recognizes certain categories of current and past officers (e.g. Section Chairs) with special pins. The pins are color-coded as to the level of the office and the level of the member.
Surrounding Circle:
Blue = Section Chair or Past Chair
Red = Chapter Chair or Past Chair
Yellow = Past Affinity Group Chair
IEEE Logo:
Dark Blue = Regular Member
Light Blue = Senior Member
Gold = Fellow

For example, Past Section Chair pin looks like this:  . (it is not clear whether some of the Societies offer pins to Chapter officers, e.g.  from IEEE Solid States Circuit Society)



You can find more details and pictures at


Samples of how an IEEE Fellow pin looks on jacket/clothing:  



IEEE Eta Kappa Nu recognitions are also available, e.g. . More information may be found for example at .



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