Computer Society

The Computer Society seeks to improve the professional standing of computer professionals in South Africa. We have been quite active in the last few years, having arranged four software engineering colloquiua, ICSE 2010 was held in Cape Town, and other things.  

We seek to 

  1. Improve the professional standing of programmers
  2. Be attentive to all geographical regions. This includes engaging IEEE chapters in Southern Africa too 
  3. Communicate IEEE benefits to members and enlist new members 
  4. Bring in more non-engineers into the Computer Society 
  5. Promote the IEEE to government, academia and business as an impartial, professional  and goal orientated meeting place
  6. Encourage innovation in computing, through for example consideration of software patents
  7. Promote software as a vehicle to address SA’s development issues 
  8. Build business processes in the IEEE Computer Society of South Africa
  9. Work towards a representative national software body

The leadership:

  • Meera K Joseph (Chair)
  • Alex Mhungu (Vice-Chair)

  • Dr David Hislop (Past Chair)
  • Mr Jarrod Hermer
  • Mr Ernest Mnkandla
  • Prof Barry Dwolatzky