Robotics Center initiative under the Robotics Association of South Africa

A letter from Robotics Association of South Africa (RASA) president, Andre Hoffmann:

Dear all South African Robotics enthusiasts

The Robotics Association of South Africa (RASA) has decided to launch under it the Robotics Center initiative. This Robotics Center has a similar goal and vision as RASA, to promote multi-disciplinary and robotics education, research, and collaboration within South Africa. (The follow up email below and the attachments that have been sent before are included in the email for those who have not received the information).

We have developed 4 different Google groups that are focused specifically for South African members of RASA, who will be able to benefit. With these groups, we will circulate filtered information to you that are specific to the group. We are going to prevent the sending of any spam on these groups (to the best of our ability).

You are able to click on the link below, of the specific group you wish to join, and join automatically from a Gmail email account. In the event that you would like to join from a non-Gmail email account, then please send an email to, and we will add your email address to the address. Please note that this is a service we will do ONLY for South Africans and residence.

The 4 groups are:

  1. General: This group will consist of general robotics videos and information. Similar information  will be available on the RASA Facebook page.The link to this group is:

  2. Student: This group will be for school level, undergraduate and post graduate students, consisting of competitions, scholarships/bursaries opportunities, a similar activities. The link to this group is:

  3. Research: This group is more specific for academics with research collaboration initiatives, funding opportunities, searching for examiners, and alike. The link to this group is:

  4. Industry: This is a group that will be more industry specific, which will have information specific to manufacturing environments, corporations, industry and the private sector. The link to the group is:

Please feel free to send information or requests to that might be appropriate to be sent to these groups, and we will possibly post the emails on the group if it is appropriate.

We hope that this Robotics Center within South Africa will boost the robotics sector within the country, and the collaboration with other countries when the opportunity becomes available.

Kind regards

Andre Hoffmann MBA Pr. (Tech (Eng.) FSAIEE MIEEE

RASA President
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