Dr Albert Lysko, Chair of IEEE South Africa (2017-2018)





Principal Researcher: Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

Chair: IEEE R8 (EMEA) Chapters Coordination Committee (2019)

Past Chair: IEEE South Africa Section,

Chair: IEEE South Africa N&A Committee,

Chair: IEEE South Africa Awards & Recognisions Committee 

Located in Pretoria, South Africa



Dr Albert Lysko, Chair: IEEE South Africa Section (2017-2018)



Dr. Albert Lysko is an engineer, researcher and innovator. He is with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Pretoria, South Africa since 2007, where he is a Principal Researcher.

Dr. Lysko worked in both academia and industry in both Europe and Africa. Whilst at CSIR, his leading experimental research in television white spaces (TVWS) enabled provision of the Internet to over 20,000 users in 3 African countries, setting up South African national TVWS regulation and contributed to TVWS regulations in other African countries and USA. He has authored over 70 research papers, over 24 popular and news articles, a book, 2 book chapters, 3 patents, and led producing several technology demonstrators.

His professional achievements have also been recognized through delivering plenary and keynote talks, as well as in serving in the General Chair and Technical Chair roles in several IEEE conferences with attendance of over 400 people.



  • IEEE R8 (EMEA) Chapters Coordination Committee Chair

  • IEEE R8 (EMEA) Membership Development Committee member

  • IEEE South Africa Section Nominations & Appointments Committee Chair
  • IEEE South Africa Section Awards & Recognitions Committee Chair
  • IEEE South Africa Section Past Chair
  • IEEE 5G Testbed Roadmap Working Group (WG) member
  • IEEE Region 8 Membership Development (MD) committee member
  • IEEE AP-S Education committee member
  • IEEE AP-S Online Resources subcommittee member
  • IEEE AP-S SIGHT committee member


FULL LIST OF IEEE ACTIVITIES, with accomplishments

Region 8:
  • Award: IEEE Region 8 Best Poster in category “Africa for Africa” in the IEEE Region 8 meeting in Athens in March 2018
  • Member: IEEE Region 8 Membership Development sub-committee (2018-)
  • Member: IEEE Region 8 Committee (2017-2018)
  • Member: IEEE Africa Council contributor (2017-)
  • Ensured better clarify and compliance of the Africa Council bylaws with the MGA Operations manual and set tangible targets to the kick-off meeting


IEEE South Africa Section:

Dr Lysko has been organizer and co-organizer for over 40 IEEE and IEEE supported events held between 2007 and 2018, which have attracted over 1000 people.


  • Chair: IEEE South Africa Section Awards and Recognitions (2016-present):
    • successfully running processes for SAIEE – IEEE South Africa Joint Award
    • organized two Section-sponsored awards / training opportunities for Section volunteers including 2017 IEEE Section Congress travel grant



  • VTools Chair: IEEE South Africa Section (2012)


  • Other accomplishments
    • 12 SMIEEE nominations and 4 referrals successful, prior to the IEEE Senior Membership Elevation workshops
    • IEEE Admission and Advancement (A&A) Senior Member Review Panels member (South Africa meeting, 2010)


IEEE South Africa Joint AP/MTT/EMC Chapter:




Technical activities (TA) form the foundation of IEEE and its value for the members. Albert Lysko has extensive experience in and served to increase and improve TA since 2011. He has organized over 40 events attended by over 1000 people, served as the General Chair: ICACCE’16, Technical Chair: IEEE Region 8 Africon 2017 (R8 flagship conference), Co-organizer: IEEE South Africa Jt. AP/MTT/EMC Chapter conferences, and worked in several standardization committees (incl. 145, 1900-6a). As the South Africa Section Chair, he has successfully coordinated activities of over 50 volunteers and set conference guidelines for IEEE supported conferences in South Africa. He has also worked in Society committees, including being a Founding member: IEEE AP-S Online resources subcommittee, Member: IEEE AP-S Education committee and IEEE AP‑S SIGHT committee member.


Major IEEE Accomplishments

Albert Lysko has been active in IEEE leadership at Section and Regional level. He also worked with the IEEE Africa Area towards successful approval of the IEEE Africa Council, co-organized IEEE Region 8 flagship conference Africon 2017 and two more international conferences, with total attendance of over 700 people, and co-organized the Membership Development workshop in March 2018. In the South Africa Section and Chapter roles, Albert has organized and co-organized nearly 40 events including over 30 technical events, attended by nearly 1000 people, and succeeded in increasing Section membership and strategically developed Section volunteer leadership, enabling higher familiarity with IEEE technical and other resources at grassroots level.


Society, Council and Standards Association Memberships:

  • IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society Membership (17 years)
  • IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society Membership (17 years)
  • IEEE Communications Society Membership (12 years)
  • IEEE Standards Association Individual Membership (9 years)
  • IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society Membership (6 years)
  • IEEE Broadcast Technology Society Membership (6 years)
  • Green ICT Community, IEEE (6 years)
  • IEEE Signal Processing Society Membership (4 years)
  • IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society Membership (2 years)
  • IEEE Sensors Council (2 years)
  • IEEE Systems Council (2 years)
  • Past memberships
  • IEEE Computer Society Membership (4 years)
  • IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society Membership (1 year)
  • IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society Membership (1 year)


Technical Conferences, Courses and Events:

Dr Lysko has been organizer and co-organizer for over 40 IEEE and IEEE supported events held between 2007 and 2018, which have attracted over 1000 people.

  • Technical Chair: IEEE Africon 2017 (Region 8 flagship conference with over 200 talks)
  • General Chair: 3rd IEEE International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communication and Engineering (ICACCE-2016) with over 140 submissions and 70 talks
  • Co-organizer for the European School of Antennas (EsoA) course «Antennas for Radio Telescopes» held in South Africa in 2016 (19 student and 7 lecturers from Africa and Europe) and co-sponsored by IEEE AP-S
  • Conference co-organizer: South African IEEE Joint AP/MTT/EMC Chapter Conference 2014 held in Pretoria in May 2014 (over 90 attendees)
  • Co-organizer for the IEEE ComSoc SDN/NFV Workshop and associated Distinguished Lectures Tour in South Africa in 17-21 Sep 2018 (50+ attendees to the workshop)
  • Special Technical Session Main organizer and Chair: ”Cognitive Radios, Dynamic Spectrum Management and ... Digital Dividend” at the conference IEEE Region 8 Africon 2011, Zambia (25 submissions; 12 presentations; 2 presentations won “best paper” awards, out of 5 such awards in this conference)
  • Leading positions in many international conferences encompassing all areas of Region 8, since 2008


News articles

Overall, Dr Lysko has initiated, published or contributed to publishing 24 news articles, including around 12 IEEE related articles. The below are samples of IEEE and IEEE related newsletters.

In IEEE Region 8 and other IEEE news

IEEE-related news in other media


Web pages set up for/within IEEE South Africa Section and its Chapters


IEEE Training Courses taken (IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence/CLE)

  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption (IEEE Continuing Education, 2016)
  • Code of Conduct (IEEE Continuing Education, 2016)
  • Conflicts of Interest (IEEE Continuing Education, 2016)
  • Data Privacy and Security (IEEE Continuing Education, 2016)
  • IEEE Volunteer Leadership Training Program (VoLT) (2018)

 A complete list of courses taken may be found in http://www.linkedin.com/in/albertlysko/ .


  • The leadership in the experimental research work on Television White Spaces (TVWS) enabled providing Internet connectivity to over 20,000 users in 3 African countries and enabled setting up South African national TVWS regulation
  • Plenary speaker in international conference ET CMOS 2017, held in Warsaw, Poland, 28-30 May 2017, a keynote talk in local conference, a total of 15 invited talks including 6 at international events, plus several invited lectures/tutorials at local international events
  • South African representative in EU Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Action CA15104 «Inclusive Radio Communication Networks for 5G and beyond (IRACON) from Mar 2017
  • South African representative in EU Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Action IC1102 «Versatile, Integrated, and Signal-aware Technologies for Antennas» (VISTA) in 2012-2016
    • This included organizing invited talks in South Africa and co-organizing of the European School of Antennas course “Antennas for Radio telescopes” held in South Africa
  • Authorship for over 60 research papers, over 20 popular and news articles, a book, 2 book chapters, 3 patents and led producing several technology demonstrators
  • Best paper award in the conferences IEEE Region 8 Africon 2015 and 2018 Southern Africa Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference (SATNAC) 2018
  • Awards for professional activities won in 1996, 2014 and 2018. 


Contact: lysko .at. ieee .dot. org


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