CASPER2016 / HPSPSA2016 conference in Cape Town 25-29 Jan


HPSPSA2016 - High Performance Signal Processing South Africa
Conference 2016 held in Cape Town 25 - 29 January 2016

co-located with
CASPER2016 Collaboration for Astronomy Signal Processing &
Electronics Research held in Cape Town 25 - 29 January 2016


Call for papers/participation


The 2016 Collaboration for Astronomy Signal Processing and Electronics Research (CASPER) workshop will be held in Cape Town from 25 - 29 January 2016, co-located with the High Performance Signal Processing South Africa Conference (HPSPSA) 2016. Further details are available at The workshop follows largely the same structure as in the past: keynote presentations, research paper presentations, tool presentations, working group meetings, tutorials and poster presentations.

Options to present: If you would like to give a short 15 minute research paper presentation or facilitate a roundtable discussion (e.g. discussion of a specific technology need or problem) please provide a proposed title and short abstract so that we can add that to the programme, there is space for the abstract in the online registration form.

Due date for abstracts: 31 October

Book of proceedings: Authors of a select number of the abstracts will be invited to write a full paper on their topic for publication in an edited book of proceedings that will be prepared after the conference. Authors will be given a month after the conference to complete these papers. These papers will be peer reviewed and only those papers considered by the reviewers to be of suitable quality will be published in the edited book.

Topics: The HPSPSA is co-located with CASPER, both concern signal and data processing and topics of signal acquisition, front-end and backend signal processing, and managing big data of recorded or processed signal data would be applicable. While astronomy processing is a main theme, an added theme for this year is the use of radio astronomy installations for applications other than astronomy; such as uses for atmospheric analysis and tracking objects in orbit. There will also be presentations and tutorial opportunities relevant to digital back-end processing solutions, many of these will have relevance and problems in common to a broad range of signal and data processing development work that are encountered, at least to some extent, in a variety of different fields, including radio astronomy data processing, particle physics data acquisition and processing, and radar data processing, among other applications.

Conference website: Details about the programme, the keynote speakers, how to register, and the tutorials offered are available on the web at

Hope to see you at CASPER2016 in Cape Town next year.


CASPER2016 / HPSPSA2016 organizing team

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Note that this is not an IEEE sponsored conference.

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