3 Public EMC Lectures - Wurth Elektronik - Sylvain le Bras


3 Public EMC Lectures - Wurth Elektronik - Sylvain le Bras

The talks are free of charge and coffee/tea will be served before and in between the talks

The talks are very informative and aid the practical understanding of electromagnetic compatibility or EMC

Topic 1 - Radiated domain investigation – “Elementary my dear Watson”

Hands-on investigation of the radiated emissions generated on a system and board level. Discover, understand and reduce emissions with a little hardware (including an up-to-date version of Mr Holmes Magnifier) and a lot of common sense.

Topic 2 - Anticipate EMC with LTspice.

LTSpice is a wonderful tool for electronics engineer, learn how to use it in order to anticipate the EMC compliance testing. Let’s bridge the gap between the electronic engineer and the EMC expert.

Expect the unexpectable from a free tool.

Topic 3 - Charged !

From High energy surges to electrostatic discharges, learn how to protect from this massive amount of energy trying to find its way through your device. There will be smoke and tears (if we can get these testing devices through airport security).


Wednesday, September 11, 2019 - 07:00 to 11:00

Speaker Name: 

Sylvain Le Bras





Address 1: 

cnr Bosman Street and Banghoek Road

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Stellenbosch University


E&E Engineering